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1800Backloads Moving Planner
Relocating can be an overwhelming task, to relieve the stress we have put together a simple step-by-step timeline guide to help your move be as smooth as possible. Below is a 6 week guide leading to your moving date, to help you get better prepared and for peace of mind.
Four To Six Weeks Before The Big Move / Relocation
  • Pack your closets, cupboards, toy room, shelves, garage and garden shed. To give you a good idea on the large furniture and white goods you will be moving, discard anything you do not want or need at this stage. A great method for this is a garage sale or donating the belongs you don’t need or have not used for a long period of time.
  • Consider whether the furniture and appliance will fit in or travel well to your new location, some older furniture and white goods may need to be left behind, if they don’t suit your new location.
  • Make a complete list of all items to be moved. Plants don’t survive long trips therefore remove the plants and keep the pots the others will have to stay behind.
  • Use up your food such as fresh & frozen food. Food/ frozen food cannot be shipped safely.
  • Contact your phone & internet providers, electricity & gas providers, insurance providers, doctors, school, post office and other companies that will need to know you are relocating, advise the date and your new address  of the date of your move.
  • Plan your moving date and take into consideration your travel plans and the settlement or lease date of your new home.
  • If accidental damage insurance is not covered by your home & content insurance ask us to prepare a quote for you
Two to Three Weeks before the Move
  • Verify the date of your departure and give discontinue service dates to your providers and other people that need to know about your relocation. Arrange start date of your new service for the date of you are ready to move in.
  • Keep in mind expenses for temporary accommodations and meals needed.
  • Discontinue newspaper deliveries or any other regular services.
  • Ask your current doctor and dentist for referrals, medical records and all necessary prescriptions  to be transferred to your new doctor.
  • WE DON’T SHIP combustible or flammable items such as gas bottles oil-base paint, bleach, cleaning and lighting fluids, matches, ammunition or flammable aerosol cans.
One Week before the Move
  • Keep detailed records and receipts of all your moving expenses.
  • Drain Petrol and oil from lawn mowers, chain saws, whipper snippers, BBQ and kerosene heaters. If you are shipping cars and motorcycles they should have all fuel empted.
  • Defrost and clean your fridge and freezer at least a day before the move.
  • Keep your telephone connected throughout your moving day or have your mobile on you at all times throughout the day in case you need to be contacted by family members or our truck drivers.
Day before the Move
  • If you ordered a pre-pack for your house, the team usually arrives the day before loading. Make sure all valuables you want to take with you have already been packed and labelled.
  • Make sure fragile items have labels or let the team know which needs to be labelled. Label each box with the contents, name & location of the new home, to ensure nothing gets lost.
  • Collect all house keys and arrange to leave them with the new owners, your real estate agent or landlord.
  • Notify a close friend or relative of your itinerary in case of an emergency.
Day of the Move
  • Compare the driver’s inventory with your records any additional items not on record may incur an additional charge. Make sure you get a copy of the inventory list.
  • Give a last minute check to every room and closet before the truck leaves. Make sure the water, gas and air conditioner are shut off, windows are shut and locked, and the lights are switched off.
  • Make sure you have the truck driver's name and contact information, and give him contact numbers for the destination if don’t already have it.
Moving in Day
  • Be at your new home before the removalist. You may be charged for waiting if you are late.
  • Contact electricity & phone providers to verify service start dates.
  • Check the inventory when the removalist team have finished. For any missing items please let the driver know and follow up with a call to your move coordinator.
  • To prevent possible damage to television sets, other electronic equipment and major appliances they should not be used before they have a chance to adjust to room temperature.
After You Settled
  • Obtain necessary IDs such as driver's license, address change, etc.
  • Register your car at the new address.
  • Walk in your neighbourhood to get a good idea what is around and where to find things.
  • Check opening and closing hours of stores and service facilities.
  • Register to vote.

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