Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Brave Brisbane Removalist

Brave Brisbane Removalist Removes Python Snakes  

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Brisbane Removalists
Frightened Brisbane office staff were relieved when a young Brisbane furniture removalist came to the rescue.  Squeals, scream & sighs could be heard as two 
very healthy reptiles were relocated from a busy Brisbane office. 

Brave RemovalistsThe local removalist was busy loading his furniture truck when he heard a lady scream snake. Having his own pet snake at home he was quick to observe two carpet pythons one approximately 2m in length and the other almost 3m. The removalist placed each snake into a removalist packing cartons and took them for a ride in his truck.
Snake Relocation He release them into nearby bushland the removalist said snakes are certainly active with the warmer weather and just as people are on the move so too are snakes.

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