Thursday, 16 April 2015

Australians prepared to move interstate for a better lifestyle

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ABOUT one in three Australians are prepared to pack their bags and move interstate if it meant they would end up better off.

Interstate Moving Australia

A report released today says 31 per cent of Australians would happily move interstate if they could earn a bigger wage and improve their work/life balance.
The ING Direct Financial Wellbeing Index found Queensland is the preferred destination, with 46 per cent of the households willing to move Interstate to the Sunshine State, followed by NSW and Victoria which both appealed to 40 per cent of people.
The report found the lure to move interstate would be to earn a higher salary (32 per cent), improve work/life balance (30 per cent), lower the cost of living (19 per cent), reduce home loan repayments as a result of lower property prices (10 per cent) and have better job opportunities (9 per cent).
ING Direct spokesman David Breen said the percentage of Australians willing to move Interstate was “quite high”.
“One in three nationally are prepared to move for either financial gain or a better lifestyle, they are the two driving forces,” he said.
“The Australian workforce is much more mobile or potentially more mobile than what people think.
“Whether they actually move Interstate is one thing, but consideration of moving sees there is great potential for the workforce.”
Social analyst David Chalke said the results showed Australians were far more flexible when it came to moving Interstate.
“People are far more mobile than they’ve ever been before,” he said.
“The young are far more mobile than their grandparents’ generation who would be born, work and die all in the same suburb.
“With the situation with mining and fly-in fly-out, the ability to earn $150,000 and do it for three years to buy a nice house is quite a powerful incentive for some people.”
He said the reason Queensland was the most desirable place to move interstate was because of “lifestyle”.
The results also showed men (32 per cent) were more willing to move interstate for financial gain than women (28 per cent).
South Australian residents were more likely than their interstate neighbours to move interstate with 35 per cent prepared to pack their bags if it meant earning more money.
The Financial Wellbeing Index, which rates household comfort levels across the six key aspects, also rose from 105.6 in the June quarter to 109 in the September quarter and was the highest reading since 2010.
The report said the increase was because of “ongoing efforts by Australian households to reduce debt and increase personal savings”.

Preferred destination to move Interstate for financial gain

  • Queensland: 46%
  • NSW: 40%
  • Victoria: 40%
  • Western Australia: 31%
  • South Australia: 30%
  • Tasmania: 22%
  • ACT: 20%
  • Northern Territory 16%
Source: ING Direct Financial Wellbeing Index