Friday, 25 July 2014

Moving? 1800backloads For Your Next Interstate Removal

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5 Good Reasons To Choose 1800Backloads For Your Next Interstate Removal

Interstate Removals
    1. Unlike many removalists 1800backloads operate on fixed weekly run schedules all of which are between Monday to Saturday so when you are given a pickup date we stick to it and we’re reliable. We hear many stories of removalist turning up 2 days late or not at all .

2. Our furniture removal trucks always have two trained removalist staff members in them. Many other interstate removal companies travel with just the driver who finds help where they can, mostly backpackers who don’t know how to take care of your belongings or have no experience or the driver struggles by himself often causing damages.

3. 1800backloads removal trucks are designed specifically for furniture removals, they are late model & Reliable & maintained on a very regular basis. Each truck carries hundreds of furniture blankets to wrap every single item as well as furniture removal trolley’s and furniture ties to hold everything firmly in place.
Backloads Interstate Removals
4. Whether traveling across the road or Interstate we have a truck and a team of friendly professionals to help you with your move.

5. 1800backloads is a family run company and has a team of removalist professional who treat every job with the upmost care. We always strive for customer satisfaction & a good wrap at the end of the day.
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