Thursday, 14 August 2014

Removalists Weight Loss Program

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If you’re a little overweight and you have a few kilograms you would like to shed perhaps you should think about becoming a professional removalist. On any normal day a removalist would arrive at the removal address at around 7am. Working with the removal offsider the removalist would first open the doors to the removal truck put down a the ramp board at the back of the truck so they can walk and carry items up and down it.

Then they would start to take it in turns sometimes walking backwards carrying heavy items then other times walking forwards carrying things like the lounges, buffets, dining tables, entertainment units, bookcases, fridges, mattresses and all the other heavy large solid items that require two people to lift. As each furniture item comes on to the truck it needs to be wrapped with a special furniture removal blanket to ensure the item is protected from being scratched or damaged.

The removalists are often at two level homes and have stairs to deal with, steep driveways or tight corners or hallways to navigate. Once all the larger heavy items come out the house and are on the removal truck there’s always heaps of other things to carry like TV’s, removal boxes plastic tubs, suitcases, garden tools, lawn mowers and all the odds and ends you would expect to find around the home.

The average home would take two removalists around 3-5 hours to load and in this time the removalist not only has lifted around 2000kg to 5000kg, they would have also walked around 6 to 10 kilometres not to mention how many stairs they have gone up and down. That’s just the loading part done.

Then after either driving the removal truck down the road across the street or perhaps across the town the unloading begins. Hopefully it’s a lowset home this time without stairs and the removalist driving the truck can park the removal truck a little bit closer to the front door of the house.

Carrying all the items down the ramp board is certainly easier than carrying them up and then it’s a matter of placing all the items in the correct rooms. As they unload each items they unwrap the thick removal blankets which weigh around 7kg each, the removalist has to fold these neatly and stack them against the wall of the truck sometimes folding as many as 100 furniture blankets in one removal.

So after a few hours of offloading the job it’s time to head back to the removal depot. The job has taken with travel 8 hours and it’s been a very physical workout for both the removalist driver and the removal offsider. They’ve carried items for about 10klm walked up and down 800 steps worked out their arms, abs legs, shoulders, calves and just about every muscle in their body. Burnt around 2500 calories and sweated about 5 litres of fluids. All in the average day and life of a professional removalist, Now to be prepared for tomorrow.

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