Monday, 10 November 2014

Cheap Removals

Moving is much cheaper than most people think!
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A lot of people try to save money by conducting their own removal service but they don't factor in a few simple things such as the time they would save by using an experienced removalist.  

An average 4 bedroom house would take us approximately 3 - 4 hours to load, the average private customer would take 6 - 8 hours even with their friends helping.

Why struggle with those heavy pieces of furniture yourself? Why risk doing damage not only to your furniture but also to yourself?

We see people using box trailers, utes and flat tray trucks and even hiring trucks, loading furniture on with no experience which often results in items rubbing against each other, even getting damages from the elements such as rain and wind.

Some of the moves we perform are completed in less than a few hours and cost as little as $200. It could be a 2 bedroom unit just going a few suburbs away or a 3 bedroom house removal just down the street. 

If saving  money is important then the more organised you are when getting ready to move the cheaper the removal will be. When the removalist arrives if you have everything ready to go in the garage then it will be quick to load. 

Have all your small items packed in boxes and all your furniture unassembled ready for moving, have your whitegoods unplugged and fridge unpacked. Basically the more you do and prepare for the move, the less the removal is going to cost. We often move large house loads in under 5 hours for around $700, that includes carrying everything out to the removal truck wrapping every single item in thick furniture blankets and then at the new destination placing every item exactly where you want it.

Why would you want the stress & struggle of moving yourself when you can let professional removalists move it for you. Fast, easy, no hassle and you can simply point your finger where you want the items to go

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